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about us


As Alusan yapı sistemleri, we aspire to service our solution partners with the aluminum profiles produced according to the implementation foundations of specific projects by taking the architectural aesthetics and design into account.

                We are a company that aims to market its products and services all around the world as well as in all parts of Turkey. We are serving a broad customer portfolio from almost all over the world in the industry and implementation fields of aluminum and façade systems. We always create the difference by taking global quality standards as our principle and transporting our products in the fastest and safest methods. We attach importance to keep in contact with our customers. We always consider the feedbacks of our clients and renew our business processes. In this way, we are growing and learning all together with our customers and suppliers every passing day.


     Our Main Strategies

  • Using the newest and best outputs of science and art in our production and implementation processes as much as possible.

  • Keeping our quality standards far above average by using not only human power but also the technology

  • Let our clients experience quickness and comfort in production, implementation, and transportation

     Our Misson

                Marketing our high-quality and reliable products produced considering innovation, creativity, and sustainability to our customers, and making productions staying durableness for centuries for next generations. Alusan Yapi has been remaining faithful to its values, and by bringing technology, human factor, and know-how under the same roof, satisfying the requirements of its clients since its foundation.

     Our Vision

                Our goal is to be the company that creates the best, the fastest,  and the most affordable solutions, and has the best technical support services in the global market of our industry. Being transparent to the government, the clients, and our workers; and obeying the international ethics rules are among the most important principles of us. We are aiming to keep healthy and safe working conditions we have and support social progress and save the environment and social equilibrium with our employees in all processes.

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